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At Timbelor, we understand the unique demands of rug and flooring businesses. Our comprehensive software is tailored to revolutionize the way you manage your operations. With a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, Timbelor empowers you to streamline your processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Explore our standout features that set Timbelor apart as your ultimate business partner. Lets See our Product Features

Versatile Invoice


Versatile Invoice Structures

Tailor your invoices to match the specific needs of your business. Timbelor offers three distinct invoice structures for rugs, timbers, and wash-repair services. No matter what product or service you offer, our flexible invoice options ensure accuracy and professionalism.


Seamless Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage your inventory with Timbelor's intuitive inventory management system. Keep track of stock levels, receive real-time updates, and optimize your stock replenishment process for unparalleled control.

inventory management
multi shop support


Multi-Shop Support

Expand your business horizons with ease. Timbelor supports multi-shop functionality, allowing you to manage multiple locations seamlessly from a centralized platform. Monitor performance, inventory, and sales across all your shops effortlessly.


Web-Based Accessibility

Access your business anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Timbelor's web-based platform ensures that you stay connected to your business operations whether you're at the shop, on the go, or working from home.

web based accessibility
layby sale


Layby Sale

Offer flexible payment options to your customers with our Layby Sale feature. Enable your customers to make purchases and pay in installments, enhancing their buying experience and boosting sales.


User Management

Take control of user access and permissions with Timbelor's user management system. Assign roles, restrict access, and ensure that your staff members have the right level of access to perform their tasks efficiently.

user management
sales and purchase


Comprehensive Sales & Purchases Management

Gain insights into your business's financial health with Timbelor's robust sales and purchases management module. Track transactions, monitor trends, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.


Secure & Private Database

Your data's security is our top priority. Timbelor features a secure and private database, ensuring that your sensitive business information remains protected at all times.

secure and private database



Effortlessly manage temporary sales and promotions with the Temp-Sales feature. Run limited-time offers, clearance sales, and special promotions to attract customers and boost revenue.


Exhibition Stock

Showcase your inventory in exhibitions and events seamlessly. Timbelor's Exhibition Stock feature allows you to manage and display your stock in external events with ease.

exhibiton stock
salesperson report


Salespersons Report

Empower your sales team with insightful sales and commission reports. Timbelor's Salespersons Report provides valuable data that enables you to reward and motivate your sales staff effectively.


Store Credits

Enhance customer loyalty and retention with the Store Credits feature. Provide customers with credit that they can use for future purchases, fostering a stronger relationship with your business

store credits

Are you ready to take your rug and flooring business to new heights?

Experience the Future of Rug and Flooring Business Management with Timbelor. Unlock the Power of Timbelor: Elevate Your Rug and Flooring Business with Cutting-Edge Features. You can apply for any software from our Product Features

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