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Benefits & Specification of Work With Us

Joining our reseller program for Timbelor, the cutting-edge software for managing flooring and rug shop processes, provides a wealth of benefits:

As a reseller, you’re not just limited to selling Timbelor. You’ll have access to a wider range of software products, catering to various needs within the industry. This diversification allows for more sales opportunities and a broader client base.
Enjoy a consistent revenue stream from regular sales, with potential for significant growth as you expand your customer reach.
Benefit from a substantial and transparent commission structure based on sales volume, with ample opportunity for increased earnings as your sales grow.
Receive thorough training on our entire suite of software products, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully market and sell them.
Gain access to dedicated technical support for both you and your clients, ensuring swift resolution of any issues.
Utilize a variety of marketing materials and sales tools provided by us to effectively reach and engage potential clients.
Depending on your location and agreement, you might be eligible for exclusive rights to sell in certain territories, reducing competition.
Enjoy the flexibility to work in a way that suits your business model, whether it’s through direct sales, online marketing, or partnering with other businesses.
Provide direct feedback and insights into product development, helping shape future updates and features.
Join a community of fellow resellers, enabling you to network, share experiences, and learn best practices.
Participate in our recognition program, where outstanding performance is acknowledged and rewarded.
Tailor your sales approach to suit your market and customer base, with the freedom to innovate and adapt strategies.
Stay informed with regular updates about software enhancements and new features, ensuring you always have the latest information.
Avoid the complexities and costs associated with inventory management, as our software is digitally distributed.
We offer additional benefits and incentives for resellers who join us early. This early-mover advantage allows you to establish yourself in the market quickly and reap the rewards of being a pioneer in selling our software solutions.
We are committed to building long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with our resellers.
By partnering with us, you align yourself with a leader in software solutions for the flooring and rug shop industry. We offer a platform for growth, diversification, and success in your sales endeavors
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